Outbound Servants Partner with Habitat for Humanity in Louisiana

In 2008, the Outbound Servants traveled to Lake Charles, Louisiana, to work with Habitat for Humanity for the first time.  The local United Way provided free lodging in a converted grade school.  Wooden bunk beds were set up in classrooms.  Shower and bathroom facilities were a short walk away — outside. 

We were on our own for breakfast and our evening meal.  Habitat and its volunteers provided our  noon meals and breaks.  There were other groups staying there at the same time.  One was another church group from Michigan; another was a group of AmeriCorps volunteers.

On a trip to WalMart for food supplies, we noticed that there were shopping carts scattered all over the entire parking lot.  There were cart corrals, but only a cart or two occupying them.  Shortly after returning home, I was at our Sioux City Target in the middle of a snowy day.  As I was pushing my empty cart to the cart corral, I thought of Lake Charles.  I looked around and smiled as I noticed there was not a stray cart anywhere.  Even in miserable weather, we Sioux Cityans are putting things where they belong!

More later, but here is the video Roy put together.  Enjoy!


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