Day 2

Today we met two new people. We came all the way to Tennessee to meet someone from Iowa. Tom, our Project Manager, is from eastern Iowa. This is his second week here and we’re his second group.

Then we met Raymond, the homeowner we’re here for. We learned from Judy in orientation that Raymond had lived in a trailer on his land then bought an existing house and moved it to the lot, placing it on a new 8-course high foundation. He had been working to fix up the house so he could move into it when the flood hit. He had eight feet of water in his front yard and a foot of water in his house, for three days. He has received the max of FEMA money and Lutheran Disaster Response is helping him get his house back to where it was at the time of the flood so then he can move on with his original plans.

So we got busy helping to make that happen for him! Here’s some of what we did today:

  • Secured outside steps
  • Installed wood floor in one bedroom and half of another. (Pastor knows they will be done with that room by noon tomorrow…!)
  • Installing ceramic tile in the kitchen
  • Getting the bathroom ready for tile
  • Sanding casing and base that had been removed, and re-staining it.

A special thanks to “Meals with a Mission” for the meal while we’re on a mission! The spaghetti, garlic bread, and pies were the perfect ending to our day. As you might guess, we’re all exhausted. The shower trailer keeps tripping a breaker. Fortunately there is one shower in the church so we are able to use that.

We really feel blessed that we planned inside work this year — since it snowed this afternoon! We didn’t mean to bring it with us!!

Here was the view out of our room this afternoon on our return.

Room With A View


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