French toast this morning!  Just what we needed to charge us up.  Thursday on a mission trip can be the hardest day of all.  You’re tired, you have blisters from doing things all day long that you don’t usually do at all, and you aren’t sure you’re going to get done with everything you wanted to.  Thursday is the day that we need to charge our batteries.    

Project Manager Tom found that out today when he went to leave for a meeting this afternoon.  He discovered that if you leave your flashers on, it might run your battery down and your truck won’t start, blocking in the volunteers.  Pastor went in the other van back to the camp so they could get supper started (Scalloped potatoes and ham. Yum!) while the other van waited for the diagnosis.  A new battery is needed!

No Spark

Today we:

  • Finished tiling the laundry room
  • Grouted the laundry room, 2 bathrooms, and the kitchen
  • Installed casing and base
  • Stained window frames and trim
  • Varnished trim, door frames and doors
  • Filled nail holes
  • Touch-up painting

The quilting group at Shepherd of Peace in Sergeant Bluff sent along 20 quilts for us to give to the camp.  They are amazing quilts lovingly made by amazing women.  We laid them all out on a table so we could oooh and aaah over them.  Then we had the guys pick one out to give to Raymond.  The rest will go to the camp to given to survivors or be used by volunteers.  (Probably when it snows and gets to 7 degrees!!)

Shepherd of Peace Quilts

On our mission trips we never know how we touch people.  We trust that God has chosen the right people for us to help.  The quilts from the ladies remind me of wrapping the love of Jesus around us, keeping us safe and secure.  May the people whom we have helped, like Raymond and the elderly couple, see our love for others through our actions and these quilts, just like a hug from God himself.


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