Outbound Servants April 2012 Foundation

Outbound Servants with Redeemer Lutheran Church in Sioux City, Iowa put up Liteform foundation walls for a new home April 2012.


Outbound Servants Demolition Complete 2012

Demolition complete of the next Outbound Servants mission project home March 2012.

Outbound Servants House Razing 2012

Outbound Servants helping with house razing March 2012.

Outbound Servants Latest Mission Project Feb 2012

Outbound Servants of Redeemer Lutheran Church  latest mission project February 21 2012.

Video Premiere!


We were on the road before 7 AM, after Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee for breakfast.  All cleaned up, packed up, and revved up to head home!  The weather was clear and we made good time.  We stopped for lunch in Chesterfield, MO, at a Steak ‘n Shake.  We thought it would be good to have something fast from a restaurant we don’t have in Sioux City.  It was pretty fast and pretty good.  We split up into smaller groups so we could be seated more quickly.  Pastor ordered a butter pecan shake, but was given a peanut butter cup shake instead.   He said it was good, but he is still wondering how a butter pecan shake might taste! 

We made it to St. Joseph, MO, around 6PM and ate at the Cracker Barrel.  We had to wait about 20 minutes, but that just gave us time to stretch our legs and shop.  A few of the guys bought Valentine cards for their sweethearts, which was sweet.  After a filling and satisfying dinner, we were back on the road.  We arranged to meet Deanna at the Salix exit so she wouldn’t have to drive in to town to pick up Dick.  We teased Dick that we would just slow down and he would have to tuck and roll.  Deanna was there waiting for us.  Roy and Randy hopped out to help and we were back on our way in less than two minutes.  That worked out well for everyone!

We pulled in to church a bit after 11PM.  We unloaded the trailer and loaded cars with sleeping bags, pillows, and suitcases.  We shared some hugs and said our good-byes. 

Help Given.  Hope delivered.  Mission accomplished.

Lutheran Disaster Response - Bringing Help and Hope


The last day is always a day full of emotions.  There was excitement in the air at breakfast as we all anticipated the day ahead of us.  The day didn’t let us down.

Today we:

  • Finished grouting the floors
  • Finished painting
  • Installed as much trim and base as was there
  • Rebuilt and set cabinets
  • Painted windows
  • Moved and hooked up appliances
  • Stained and varnished
  • Filled nail holes
  • Polished doorknobs
  • Cleaned up our dust 

At morning break we gave Raymond the quilt we had chosen for him.  He was surprised and genuinely thankful for all we have accomplished this week.  Raymond told us how grateful he is that we took our time to come here and help him.  He acknowledged that we took time away from our jobs and our lives to be here.  He said he might not remember our names, but he will forever remember our faces. 

We were done and packed up around 2:00.  We all gathered in the kitchen with Raymond.  Pastor said a prayer asking for blessings for Raymond and his home, and thanksgiving for a safe week and journey home.  Handshakes and hugs were shared.  And then we were done.

On our way back to Camp Faith, we stopped by the elderly couple’s house.  Roy went up to the door and talked to the woman.  She shared that Judy did find a house-raiser.  She said they feel very encouraged and feel their project will be approved.   Roy gave her the quilt that we picked out for them.  She hugged Roy and told him to tell the ladies who made the quilt, “Thank you very much!”   And then we went back to camp.

A Thank You Sign

At Camp Faith, we unhooked the job trailer we had been pulling and moved up our trailer so we’ll be prepared for packing it in the morning.  We cleaned the floors, kitchen, and bathrooms so they would be like we found them.  Supper was lasagna and finishing up leftovers.  By 5:00 we were off to the Grand Ole Opry!  Only a couple of us had been there before so for most of us it was an extra-special treat.  On two different occasions they announced that the “Outbound Servants from Redeemer Lutheran Church, Sioux City, Iowa, are here!”  The second time they even told that we are volunteers for the flood recovery.  During the opening of the show, they had a short history of the building and showed the devastation of the flood.  The acts were very entertaining and we all laughed and had a nice, relaxing time.  It was definitely the Grand Finale to the week!

We’re planning to be on the road by 7:00 AM tomorrow.  Looks like the weather will be perfect and we’ll be home before we know it.  Thank you for your prayers for safety. We have felt them!

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